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classic facial

Las Vegas Facials seven heart spa
Classic Facial
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Looking good requires undergoing several procedures to make your skin glow and beautiful. At Las Vegas Facial, our focus is to offer facial treatment that will make the skin of our esteemed customers radiant. We are professionals in the area of providing customized facial treatments based on the variety of skin of each person. As a brand specializes in the provision of facial treatment, our basic facial treatment plan entails the exfoliation of dead skin cells, cleansing pores, and handling of skin issues with the application of a mask. With the implementation of this method, our team of experts ensures the rejuvenation of the skin, and the skin of the individual who had undergone the procedure will look healthier and younger.

The facial treatment process at Las Vegas Facial starts with a consultation procedure where we take our time to understand your skin variety and issues. It also includes various stages such as cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage and mask application. The first stage of cleanup involves the use of a cleanser on regions such as décolletage, neck, and face of the individual for the elimination of makeup and dirt particles. We make use of warm water in combination with items such as a cotton pad or cloth for the removal of cleanser and skin evaluation.

With the application of this method, our aestheticians will select the type of mask for the individual. On the other hand, exfoliation is the next stage as it involves the elimination of dead cells with the application of an exfoliating cream. We also focus on the extraction method as it helps in the clearing of pores with dead skin cells responsible for the occurrence of acne in the skin. We have the state of the art tools for this procedure, and we are the best in the field. The process is completed with the massage of the face, as well as the upper body which may enhance lymphatic drainage. Custom masks are also applied to help skins with dryness problems, and our aestheticians are capable in its administration as they utilize serum, sunscreen, and moisturizer to ensure the rejuvenation of our skin.

Our facial treatment procedures are usually completed within a short period as it does not last for more than an hour. Our prices are competitive compared to other brands offering similar services. At Las Vegas Facial, we have an undying commitment to making the skin of our esteemed clients glow and healthy. If you are searching for a great place to have your facial treatment, Las Vegas Facial is the right place to be. Our perfect facial treatment is poised to offer your skin a deep cleansing and provide help in the aspect of fighting against specific skin issues like dryness. The result of our facial procedure is the appearance of a glowing and younger skin for the patients. Las Vegas Facial is situated in a serene environment where our team of aestheticians is ready to offer quality services to ensure your skin look younger than your age.

dermal lift facial

dermal lift facial seven heart spa
Dermal Lift Facial
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Dermal lifting is a process that entails the lifting of the dermal layers and skin from the muscle and other skeletal structures. It is aimed at increasing circulation and reducing the adhesions between the underlying tissues and skin. In the whole of Las Vegas, we have earned a rare reputation for ourselves as the number one beauty brand that specialized in the provision of derma lift facial services with our team of experts and professional therapists. We ensure the process of dermal lift facial is carried out under the right conditions and supervision of genuine professionals who have the prerequisite knowledge and experience. The dermal lift facial is done in such a way that ensures the firming and toning of your facial muscles, and the impact is usually seen around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. 

This non-surgical procedure aims to make sure our clients maintain a fresher and youthful appearance without the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their skins, especially on the forehead, mouth, and the eyes. At Las Vegas, we are the beauty experts that offer dermal lifting facial services which ensure firmer facial contours, the appearance of toned facial muscles around the brows, and more beautiful pores. This procedure by our team also improve moisture retention as it creates a stimulation of the skin and muscles for optimum functioning, it also enhances better circulation and reduces shadows around the eyes. Our team ensures that the procedure is concluded without any form of adverse impact or side effects on your skin. Are you searching for a place to have your dermal lifting facial done in Las Vegas, you already have a partner in us as we are here to help you out. 

As a non-invasive procedure that involves the working out of the facial muscles and skin, it stimulates the tone of the muscles and plays a significant role in the increased production of elastin and collagen, the two most important proteins required by the skin to maintain a youthful appearance. This procedure is safe for all types of skin, and you can be assured of a unique experience when you come to us. For individuals looking for a method that enables them to go about their daily activities without any restriction, the Dermal lift facial is the best procedure to go for as there is no inflammation or redness after the completion of the process.

Depending on the skin of the individual undergoing the non-surgical procedure, there is a likelihood that a series of six to twelve treatment sessions will be required to achieve fantastic results, and lead to the improvement of healthier and fresher skin. However, in some cases, some patients whose necks are sagged or have crow’s feet may need about fifteen treatment sessions to achieve immense outcomes. We can always assure you of our commitment to give you the best facial services and your desired result will be obtained. We have the proper tools and experience to handle your case irrespective of the impact of aging, as our team consists of professionals who are willing to assist you in achieving the best results as the feedbacks from previous clients about our services have been exceptional.

European facial

european facial seven heart spa
European Facial
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The European Facial also known as a spa facial is a straightforward and calming method of enhancing the overall appearance of the skin. It is also called a classic facial in Europe; it is a gentle deep cleansing treatment for the face and neck in an attempt to improve the look of the skin. This facial treatment helps in the stimulation of cellular renewal. It also detoxifies the skin for enhanced blood circulation. European facial treatment is also responsible for the unclogging of pores, and elimination of impurities such as pimples and blackheads. It also ensures the hydration of skin for a youthful appearance.

For instance, a facial is carried out with the exfoliation and thorough cleansing of the skin, as well as massaging the skin to increase the circulation and promotion of lymphatic drainage. It involves the application of one or two masks in combination with suitable toners and moisturizers for the specific skin variety.

However, we conduct all types of European Facials at our clinic in Las Vegas. Examples of these are oxygen, deep cleansing, anti-aging, collagen, and other procedures. These varieties can be applied based on some factors which also include the type of skin of the individuals who want to undergo the process. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions for some persons who may wish to consider having European facial, and these include individuals with severe acne and chronic rosacea and heart ailments, as well as pregnant women. 

This is the reason why we advise you to come for consultancy at our clinic before starting the procedure. The consultancy session will offer us the opportunity to learn more about your condition as pertinent questions will be asked. Our team of skin dermatologists will advise you on the best option to take, and this will help you make informed decisions that will improve the appearance of your skin.

The procedure starts with a quick chat with our team which will talk about your skin issues and your skin maintenance schedule, and we proceed to the cleansing of your skin and develop a personalized treatment plan. It is followed by steaming that will help in the softening of any congestion which is supported with the exfoliation process, extraction, and application of mask and cream.

It is a process carried out by our team without the appearance of side effects that are detrimental to your health as the consultancy session has taken care of the issues. The procedure is completed in less than two hours, and available at a competitive rate which is affordable. However, due to the sensitivity of the skin of some individuals, there may be signs of inflammation or redness, but we ensure that the pain is minimized to the barest level when extractions are made. After the completion of the procedure by our team of experts, your skin will be firmer and smoother in texture as well as the tone.

Come to us in Las Vegas for your classic European Facial treatment, as we are competent to handle every process to make your skin healthy and youthful.



Photography in studio session $150 for one look.
on location bridal $225 hair and make up airbrush and lashes included
Bridal parties of 2 or more $200 includes 2 services .
each additional service after 2 persons for the party $80 each