IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial


IPL treats the skin with quick and powerful flashes of light. The light energy than penetrates below the skin’s surface, where the unwanted brown pigment (melanin) lives. The heat breaks down this pigment into tiny particles, which either rise to the skin’s surface as scabs (naturally sloughing away within a week or so) or get carried away by the body’s lymphatic system.

IPL, are not solely for full-face photo rejuvenation; they’re excellent for improving the appearance of other parts of the body, as well, including the hands, arms, neck and chest.

IPL is effective for a wide range of skin conditions, including:-


-Broken Capillaries

-Smooths Rough Skin -Shrinks Pores

-Minimizes Redness

-Sunspots, Age Spots, Brown Spots

-Single treatment cost range $99.00-$400.00 depending on size of treatment area.

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